Zvi Band Relationships are our most important asset.

What’s Going On?


Updated December 2019

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Inspired by Derek’s /now concept, here’s a probably-not-so-quick snapshot of what I’m up to.

  • Working: After Contactually (which I was the co-founded) was acquired by Compass in February, I’m now the GM of CRM at Compass. I’m leading the product team focused on building out that part of the platform, as well as working cross-functionally on helping our customers implement relationship marketing best practices.
  • Thinking: I’m spending a lot of my time thinking about how we as human beings connect and form communities. We’re on the precipice of major shifts, and we have the opportunity to intentionally build a better social fabric, where we all (re)gain purpose and belonging – instead of going the other way. More to come.
  • Building: I’m always working on a number of smaller side projects of varying states, to scratch my “maker” itch and keep my own engineering skills sharp. Projects include a location-driven story, a relationship manager, and a group journaling app. Will these ever see the light of day? I hope so.
  • Connecting: I host a breakfast in DC bi-monthly. As opposed to the DC Tech Meetup, the 27,000+ member-strong “big tent” meetup I co-founded in 2010, this is small groups, deep conversations.
  • Fixing: After being in survival mode for the past 7.5 years, I’m focused on improving myself physically, mentally, and emotionally. Since Jan 1, I’ve lost ~55 pounds, exercise daily, and meditate daily.
  • Reading: You can see what I’m currently reading or recently read on Goodreads.
  • Investing: I do a teency bit of angel investing in people/ideas I believe in.

I’m always happy to connect with you – best way though is via mutual introduction – otherwise, via Twitter.

Zvi Band Relationships are our most important asset.

Zvi Band

Founder of Contactually.
I'm also passionate about growing the DC startup community, and I've founded Proudly Made in DC and the DC Tech Meetup.