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BarcampDC3 Coming Up


It’s hard to believe that a little over two years ago, the first Barcamp was held – being my first foray into the DC tech community. It was a life-changing experience, as it’s where I met all the people I work with on a daily basis, inspire me, and genuinely consider my friends. I’ll be speaking/organizing on two main topics: Freelancing After years of moonlighting before...

DC Open311 API – Ruby Gem


Background: The DC government is exposing an API for their 311 call center, to allow application developers to build open source tools to make it easier for citizens to submit issues. As part of it, they and iStrategyLabs have launched a second Apps for Democracy contest. The creative juices are flowing, and I have a few ideas I plan on implementing. But first things first… in order to make...

Developer Day DC


Last weekend, a few dozen developers gathered together at Viget’s beautiful offices in Reston to… talk nerdy. Out of all the conferences I’ve been to, it was one of the best. It was directly honed on developers, and all talks were targeted as such. That meant no talks about marketing, gov 2.0, branding, public relations,  blogging, twitter, or anything else social media/PR, etc...

Learning ImageMagick with Run DMC


Wait — what? Every PHP Web Developer, or any other kind of web developer, has, at one point, butted heads with ImageMagick, or its inferior nemesis, GD. We’ve tussled with setup and installation, debugged scripts, and stolen code, but rarely do we look to it for anything beyond generating a thumbnail or resizing an image. Armed with nothing more than the native manual, I started...

I’ve got a Tumblr


I’ve realized that I’ve been running a Tumblr miniblog for months, and haven’t actually publicized it.
While I prefer to use this blog to “write stuff” I do find a good amount of cool stuff as I’m online, and collect it all on Tumblr.
Check it out!21stcenturydigitalboy.com
The name is after a song by Bad Religion:

PygmyBrowse – a small screen tree browser


Like so many things from my college experience, I never realized how amazing this was until years later. Rather than taking a “usual” internship at a government agency or consulting company for the summer, I instead chose to stay on campus for the summer, and in addition to a lot of relaxing, worked at two amazing labs at UMD. One was the Center for Satellite and Hybrid Communication...

FireRift – What I’ve Been Waiting For


Being a web designer and developer, the CMS I choose for a client is a huge issue. I wrote a little bit about it before. However, sometimes you just can’t find a CMS that will work for that particular project, and, barring changing the architecture of the site to fit in the mold, you’re left writing your own system for displaying and updating content, which, sadly, I’ve had to...

Rebuilding ZviBand.com Part I: The Feed


In order to better establish a web presence for myself, I am rebuilding my own website. I have big ideas for this, displaying my writings, past and present, my interests, my friends, my work, and also as an living technical showcase for my abilities. One feature I wanted to have is a display of whatever I am up to in the online world. I wanted, to start out with, aggregate my Flickr, Tumblr...

Zvi Band Relationships are our most important asset.

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