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DJ Lessons at the Beat Refinery


I’ve always loved DJing.

I’m the kid who made mixtapes for his friends in high school. I got a small taste of it senior year, when I had my full setup in my basement, and hosted many sweaty fraternity parties (while destroying half a dozen speaker systems). But I never really understood what to do, and could never find a way of learning how (while most DJs I spoke to were self taught, it’s kind of hard to justify investing in equipment I had no idea how to use).

Enter Beat Refinery.

After finding out about the Beat Refinery program off of Thrillist, I signed up for their inaugural class. Taught by DJ Trayze, the beginners class was a perfect introduction into the basic skills and theory behind mixing. It was a lab-style class, where we each had our own station with the full setup a normal DJ uses, including Scratch Live, the industry standard.

After finishing up the first course, I went out and invested in a full rig, knowing that I’d actually have a clue how to use it. I just completed the intermediate course, where we learned some of the more advanced tricks, using more features available in Scratch Live, and getting a lot more hands-on time with the equipment, and great guidance and oversight from experienced DJs. If you’re in the DC area (classes are in Bethesda) – definitely check it out.

As busy as I am with skeevisArts and Structo, it’s nice to have something fun to take a break with.

The home setup
The home setup

Beat Refinery – Intermediate Class – Final Mini Mix by DJ Skeevis


  • Great Job skeevis! It was awesome to have you in the class, and I hope you continue with your DJing and have a lot of fun with it. Thanks for being a part of the inaugural session, and I hope you have a great summer!


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Zvi Band Relationships are our most important asset.

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