Zvi Band Relationships are our most important asset.

Working agreements


As our team has matured over the past year, we’ve started seeing how key strong team leads (e.g. VPs) are for us. And with me as the CEO, it was important for us to align ourselves around how they work with me – what I should expect of them, what they expect of me, and how they run their teams. As every company culture is unique, this wasn’t some boilerplate text taken off a blog. We’ve made specific decisions about how we operate, and that’s what is reflected here.

This is what I came up with, which every VP read through, commented on, and signed a couple months back. We’re considering having this for every employee as well – so they know what they should expect of myself and every team lead.

In order for us to be a billion dollar company, ____________________ and I need to establish an agreement on how we operate together to build the company of our dreams, and have a crapload of fun doing it.

Above all else, I want you to personally succeed in your role, and come out of this role a better person.

I trust you to execute in what’s best for our users, our team, and the company. You trust me to guide everyone to do the same.

You are fully in ownership of executing in order to fulfill the objectives laid out for your team. I will remove as many blockers in your path as I can, as long as you clearly communicate what they are.

You’ll report weekly, monthly, and quarterly on your teams performance.

You and your team have the freedom to operate in whatever way you best see fit (e.g. hours, software, org structure), as long as you heed the current company values, ensure your team is not isolated from the rest of the company, and do not intentionally undermine me or any other employee of the company. 

We will respect each other’s roles and ownership. We understand the difference between OPO (one person’s opinion), strong suggestions, and mandates. While you have the ability to say no to me, there may be times where I require action.

You will be held accountable for your commitments to me and the team, and I should be held accountable for commitments I make to you. We are human and deadlines may be missed, but we will communicate clearly about them.

We want to invest in your career development. Let me know how to do that.

I want you to have the best days of your life here, work well with all your peers, and be an ambassador to the company. 

We both agree to this, dated ____________________

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By Zvi
Zvi Band Relationships are our most important asset.

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