Zvi Band Relationships are our most important asset.

Compass acquires Contactually


As just announced, Contactually has been acquired by Compass. You can read more at contactually.com/compass.

All the emotions that have been foretold by mentors who have gone through a similar experience, I’m feeling right now. But the one feeling that stands out is nothing but thankfulness.

Thankful for all the users, teams, and companies who have trusted us for years.

Thankful for the results our users have driven.

Thankful for the many investors who have put their hard-earned money on a bet on us, and remained supportive throughout.

Thankful for Compass’ leadership, and the enormous leap of faith they took to select us as a key partner, that has grown over the past year of working together to today’s news.

Thankful for an industry who wrapped their arms around us, and will continue to support us.

Thankful for our team who have given so much over the years. I still am humbled every day to see people dedicating their time and betting their livelihood on an idea for a new product I sketched out in Evernote eight years ago.

Thankful for our product organization — I may have helped us get up and running, but we would be nowhere near the team it is today without the leadership who have risen up.

Tony, Jeff, and I took the idea and, with no experience working together before, just started running. Thankful to have them as brethren to this day.

Our mission is not over. Not only will we continue supporting our existing customers while working with Compass on building the future of the industry, I’m thankful to still be playing a key role in this next step (and officially add ‘author’ to my resume –  still set to be released in May).

Onward and upward.


By Zvi
Zvi Band Relationships are our most important asset.

Zvi Band

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