Zvi Band Relationships are our most important asset.

Approaches to Competition


As is common knowledge, competition is an inevitability. There are people with similar ideas as you. There are solutions your desired userbase is already using for the problem at hand. As you grow and start making waves, you’ll be attacked from above, below, and sideways.

When first learning about a competitor, I used to think it was game over, and give up.

I'm walking away...

I wasted incalculable years of my life fearing competition, letting it keep me up at night, question my startups’ mortality, and demotivating me, often to the point of giving up and walking away.

Done with that. Now, it’s a mix of emotions.

Usually, it’s two ships passing in the night – take a quick look, and carry on your way.
Passing in the night
It’s part “Hey man, this world is big enough for the both of us, we can coexist”
Getting Groovy On Little Beach

It’s a little bit of “We’re going to destroy you. We’re going to win.”

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By Zvi
Zvi Band Relationships are our most important asset.

Zvi Band

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